Wax coated synthetic surface (Dressage/Jumping/Racetracks)

Container of 25 tons (1300 ft² coverage area / 120 m²)


High performance – Excellent climatic tolerance – High soil consistency and stability – Minimum maintenance and watering – Reduce injury risks

This unique combination of micro silica sand, synthetic fibres and a special wax coating has been created to meet the needs of a riding surface that is flexible, consistent and weather resistant. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this sophisticated blend improves the horse’s confidence and his performance. Injury risks are significantly reduced.

A wax coating promotes extreme moisture retention in the surface and perfectly mimics the root structure of turf. Requiring much less watering, wax coated synthetic surfaces remain uniform in all weather conditions.

⇒ For Driving arena, Dressage arena, Horse Training tracks, Lunging arena, Polo, Racetracks, Show Jumping surfaces, Events

130‘ x 65‘ arena = 8450 ft² (800 m²) : 8450/1300 = 7 containers (175 tons)

195‘ x 65‘ arena = 12675 ft² (1200 m²) : 12675/1300= 10 containers (250 tons)

Made in UK


Weight 25000 kg


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