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Horse arena sands & footings

Essential for quality riding arenas

Micro silica sand is the best material to use on top layer of quality equestrian surfaces. By mixing it with geotextile footing or synthetic fibres, the footing performance is improved.

The sand must be:

  • natural
  • extra-silica
  • clay free
  • sub-angular grains
  • fine granulometry (0.06/0.35 mm)

To avoid:

  • Semi-crushed sands (abrasive, dust, hard surface)
  • Coarse sands 0/2 mm or 0/4 mm (grains too big, loose)
  • River sands (sliding surface, not compact, high injury risks)

A quality riding surface is safer for your horse and increases its confidence.

Each year, we supply thousands of tons of equestrian sands depending of the needs and geographical location of our customers.