Performance and safety:

Wax coated synthetic surfaces are generally used for racetracks, show jumping events, dressage arena or horse training tracks. This unique combination of micro silica sand, synthetic fibres and a special wax coating has been created to meet the needs of a riding surface that is flexible, consistent and weather resistant. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this sophisticated blend improves the horse’s confidence and his performance. Injury risks are significantly reduced.

Excellent climatic tolerance:

A wax coating promotes extreme moisture retention in the surface and perfectly mimics the root structure of turf. Requiring much less watering, maintenance is reduced and the surface remains uniform in all weather conditions.

Durability and Adaptability:

This composition of micro silica sand, synthetic fibres and wax, makes it a virtually indestructible quality product. The waxed coated synthetic surface is adaptable to various types of work (Driving, Dressage, Jumping, Lunging, Racing) based on the maintenance procedures.